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Remote Video Monitoring

Our core strength is our ability to design and install highly complex solutions

Remote Monitoring provides a much higher level of security.

AIC Commercial Services

Benefits of Video Monitoring:

  • Alarm Verification Capability to make an alarm alert a police alarm dispatch priority one
  • Minimize false alarms and help the police with specific information when there is an alarm
  • Lower operating costs by reducing the number of guards needed by using video to enhance guard patrol
  • Keep track of business activity while away, using internet access to the DVR at their locations.
  • Access to Daily Activity and history of activity via the internet
  • Designate restricted and tier access to manage the camera system(s)
  • Customized reporting: reports can be created for a wide range of applications
  • View multiple DVRs installed in different locations at once
AIC Commercial Services

AIC has many options for video surveillance systems:

  • Solar and battery powered solutions
  • Customized solutions for wireless options
  • Cloud based storage options
  • Accessibility using personal mobile devices

Video Verification
Responsive Monitoring

AIC Commercial Services
AIC Commercial Services
  • Responsive monitoring is triggered when there is an alarm activation signal that indicates that there is a problem - such as an a door contact activation, a motion detector, or panic button activation.
  • A 10 second clip of video verification of the event is sent to the Central Station and to the end user (s).
  • Dramatically lower false alarms

Limitation: Live Video monitoring can verify an event, but it is not to be used for prosecution in a court of law. Advantages: There are wireless battery operated cameras that do not require a DVR. These cameras are easily installed. The 10 second video clips provide very quick sharing of relevant video with law enforcement and other parties that need to be notified.

Video Verification
Preventive Monitoring

AIC Commercial Services
AIC Commercial Services
  • Accurate real-time detection of relevant events
  • Real-time video verification and response
  • Dramatically lower false alarms
  • Provides perimeter protection outside the building.
  • Enhance and reduce the overall costs for security by using video monitoring to augment the existing security guard services.
  • Other uses for video monitoring include using video for verification and permission to enter high security areas inside the facility.

Advantages: Preventive and better deterrent. Higher quality video that can be used by prosecution in court of law.

Limitation: Requires DVR (s) which limits placement of cameras.

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