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Local Permitting Service

AIC Security provides a complete turnkey permitting service.

AIC provides a full one-stop-shop service for electronic lock permitting starting with drafting, to local authority submittals, to permits, and finally the necessary field inspection. Day-time or after-hours inspections are turn-keyed for your convenience. All work is installed abiding by IBC 2006 with Houston Amendments. This will be checked by the local inspector. By being able to provide these services, we make sure that each project is correctly estimated and on schedule. The ability to provide these permitting services protect your project from cost overruns and expensive delays.

One-Stop-Shop Services For Permitting

Import drawings from third party sources i.e. .pdf conversion to AutoCAD.

Plotting services in all standard sizes A,B,C,D,E, & F.

Submittal review and consultation service with local authorities.

Pull Permit.

Day-time or after hours inspection services provided and hosted.

We work for you based upon your scheduling requirements!

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