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Intrusion Protection

Assurance that your space is protected from unwanted visitors.

In order for an intrusion detection system to be 100% effective, it needs to be operable and reliable 100% of the time. Our systems can arm/disarm automatically without human intervention.

AIC Commercial Services

Intrusion Detection Features:

  • Integration with Video Recording and Playback systems
  • Supervision of doors opening and closing
  • Supervisory Alerts for Propped Doors
  • High Temperature and Shock detection
  • Water and Carbon Dioxide sensors
  • Local Visual and Audible Alerts
  • Motion Sensors with Dual technologies Minimize False Alarms
  • TouchPad, Wireless Remote, or Traditional Keypad Functions
  • Cellular, IP, or Traditional POTS Alarm Signal Transmission options
AIC Commercial Services

Central Station Monitoring

Benefits of working with AIC Security for alarm monitoring include:

  • Full redundancy and fault tolerance for monitoring and response
  • Fast and reliable response
  • Multiple notification options based on customer preferences and decision-making policies
  • Immediate access to critical information
  • Burglary, Robbery, Tamper, Medical, Power
  • Business open/close supervision
  • Video transmission
  • Two-way voice

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